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Customer Testimonials

I have three children that have been taking piano lessons from Mrs. Cimock. Their ages are 19, 14, and 12. They have all benefited immensely from her outstanding teaching skills and knowledge of music. Participating in her recitals has been something they have enjoyed as well. We are so thankful to have had her as a teacher as her lessons have broadened the kids' love for music and their abilities as well. I highly recommend her for students of all ages!
                                                                   - Kimberly Reid, Casselberry, FL

Great Teacher!                                           - Kristin LeBlanc

I am thrilled to have had our son, age 13, study with Mrs. Cimock. Not only did she "teach" piano but gave a further education of the piano and music thoery. Her love of music and dedication to her students is a great asset. We would definitely recommend her.

                                                                    - Jennifer Spidell, Sanford, FL

My daughter is 4 and has been going to Ms. Karen for her piano lessons. Ms. Karen is a very enthusiastic teacher and plans the lessons as per the child's capacity to absorb. She keeps the lessons interesting and my daughter looks forward to her lesson every week. I would highly recommend Ms. Karen.

                                                                     - Preeti Nair, Sanford, FL      

Karen did a wonderful job of teaching my grandson piano. He was not a joyful student but Karen had a wonderful sense of humor and humored him into a lot of knowledge. She definitely achieved my desired results!

                                                                    - Anne Archer, Fern Park, FL

We as a family are very happy with all Karen has to offer us. Two of my children, ages 15 and 11, have been taking lessons for the past few years. I myself have taken lessons from Karen and have learned a tremendous amount. Karen is definitely a person for those wanting to learn at all stages.

                                                                   - Doria Hairston, Longwood, FL

So thankful to have Karen Cimock as my son's (age 7) piano teacher. He had no previous instruction in music and he is in awe as to how much he has learned. I am so proud whenever I see him sit at the piano and be able to read music and play! She is a super teacher with a warm personality and desire to instill great habits that will serve him well.

                                                                  -  Elizabeth C, Longwood FL

We are so blessed and very grateful to have Mrs. Cimock as our children's piano AND typing/computer keyboarding teacher. Our son, age 13, and daughter, age 11, have been working with Karen going on three years. She consistently practices the God-given gift of knowing when to challenge them and when to show them grace. We are extremely pleased with the growth that they continue to make. Mrs. Cimock is truly a talented teacher, with a definite passion for what she does. We are excited to see how far she will take them on this journey!                                              

                                                                    - Sandee Smith, Winter Park, FL

I am an adult student who is taking piano lessons for the first time. Mrs. Cimock is an excellent teacher who is very kind, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her for students of any age!

                                                                   - Natalie H, Sanford, FL

Ms. Karen has been teaching my 5 year old daughter for about a year now. My daughter has grown to love the piano and looks forward to Ms. Karen teaching her. Ms. Karen is a wonderful and patient teacher. She takes her time and makes sure my daughter is comfortable with the lessons before moving on to something new. I am looking forward to Ms. Karen teaching my 2 other children soon. I would highly recommend Ms. Karen to anyone who wants to learn to play the piano.

                                                                   - Nancy Morales, Sanford, FL

I moved from India to the United States in Feb this year and was hopeful I get a good piano teacher. I don't think I am going to be able to find a better person than Ms. Karen. She is so perfect in her lessons, encourages to go on , well prepared with required materials for each lesson. Overall she is extremely passionate about teaching the piano and more than anything an amazing human being who is so warm and makes you look forward to every class. I am already and will continue to recommend Ms. Karen to anyone irrespective of age to learn from her.

                                                                      - Ruby Margaret, Longwood, FL

Ms. Karen is the best! She is passionate about piano and the students she teaches! She is patient and flexible. She knows just when to challenge my 15 year old daughter. I would recommend Ms. Karen for students of any age.

                                                                      - Ashleigh Oliver, Sanford, FL

When my son started piano lessons last spring, I wasn't sure what to expect. He loves it and is excelling faster than we imagined, thanks to Mrs. Cimock. She has the patience of a saint and is able to keep him focused on his lessons. He is looking forward to his first recital.

                                                                    - Monica Cummings, Debary, FL


Karen has opened her home and her heart to our 12 year old son to teach him how to play piano. He enjoys going to see her each week, even if he doesn't want to practice piano, he is always wanting to see Karen! She has such patience with him and encourages him to be the best he can be not only with piano, but to be a good person. We found more then just a piano teacher with Karen. Her knowledge of piano and teaching is unquestionably a perfect fit for our family. I highly recommend Karen as your piano teacher, she will quickly become a family friend! 
                                                                   - Nicole Ryall-Lengert, Sanford, FL

We received an electric piano from our neighbors when they were moving. We decided that if our son showed any interest in playing, that we would get him some lessons. Since he started working with Mrs. Karen, what originally was just something to mess around with has turned into a passion. In just a few short months, he has been transformed into not only a fantastic piano player, but reads music effortlessly, and is even starting to write his own songs. Her teaching style is structured yet positive, and he loves going to his lessons every week. Mrs. Karen has far exceeded our expectations.

                                                                  - Sherri Akus, Lake Mary, FL

Ms. Karen is an outstanding piano teacher. My son is taking lessons with her for a few years now. She is a kind, caring and very patient teacher. She is extremely professional and responsive yet warm in her communication style. She prepares him for recitals and gently encourages frequent practice, attention to details and dynamics. I would certainly recommend her unconditionally to anyone who wanted to learn piano.    

                                                                 - Prashanthi, Heathrow, FL

So thankful for Ms. Karen who had been patiently teaching me lessons for the past year or so! I am a student of hers and she is very patient with her students all the while making us enjoy the lesson itself! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a great teacher who certainly cares about all of her students!

                                                                - Vince L., Longwood,FL